Session D7: Big Data Analysis from Classification to Dimensional reduction
DescriptionThe continuous production of data in internet potentially induces a detailed description of phenomena in all their complexity and with a huge amount of unstructured information coming from different sources. There are challenges and issues in using such high dimensional and complex data. Which are the methodological and applicative directions?
OrganisersInternational Federation of Classification Societies, ESAC
ChairMaurizio Vichi (The Sapienza University of Rome)
Presentation #1Nowcasting well-being in societies: at the crossroads of big data, network science, and complex systems
Luca Pappalardo (University of Pisa)
Dino Pedreschi (University of Pisa)
Fosca Giannotti (CNR)
Presentation #2The curse of dimensionality in official statistics?
Emanuele Baldacci (Eurostat)
Dario Buono (Eurostat)
Fabrice Gras (Eurostat)
Presentation #3Ensembles of selected classifiers and clusters
Berthold Lausen (Department of Mathematical Sciences, University of Essex)
Kaloyan Stoyanov (Profusion Ltd.)
Henrik Nordmark (Profusion Ltd.)
Aris Perperoglou (Department of Mathematical Sciences, University of Essex)
Presentation #4A research project proposal: “Data for qolexity: big data, nowcasting and the construction of wellbeing indicators“
Enrico di Bella (University of Genoa)

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