Last update: 5 May 2015

The source of data for building and cessation of dwellings and holiday houses are the construction registries of the local governments. Supplying these data are the questionnaires numbered (in the OSAP (National Statistical Data Collection Program) numbering system) 1076, 1077, 1078 and 1081. This is an all-inclusive data supply, the individual elements of which are put together by settlement-, county- and country level summaries.

We publish regional data corresponding to the actual classification of public administration.

Dwelling and holiday houses built: new dwellings and holiday houses, respectively, which received put to use permit during the reference year.

Ceased dwelling: is based on the registry of the settlement‘s local governments on  dwelling ceased due to elementary disaster, demolition, conversion or destruction.

Dwelling construction permit: a permit issued by the appropiate body of the local governments during the course of the given year to carry out construction activity. The survay does not cover the number of these permits but the number of constructions permitted by them.

Building: a structure with walls and roof confining , in part or in whole, an area or a room or a combination of such for a specific purpose, with the exception of engineering structures (engineering works) erected for the storage and transportation of gas, liquids or other bulk materials.

Residental building: a building should be regarded as residental when the major or entire part of it (more than 50% of its built-in net area) is used for dwelling purposes.

Non-residential building: buildings used for official, administrative, commercial purpose, for tourism, entertainment, education, health care, sport, transport and telecommunication, industrial and agricultural activities and buildings serving other purposes.

Dwelling: an interconnected group of premises (rooms, offices and others) suitable for rest and home activities, cooking, eating, lavation, washing, toilet use and for storage of goods necessary for the management of a household. The dwelling has to have at least one living room with a floor space exceeding 17 sq.m. and has to be heatable.

Holiday house: a building for temporary stay and recreation, suitable for managing a household and consisting of one or more units.

Builder: economic units with and without legal entity or natural person at the order and expenses (cash and loan) of whom the dwelling construction or holiday house construction is realised.

Contractor: enterpises with or without legal entity and natural persons.