Published on: 12 February 2019

Prices increased by 2.7% in January

Consumer prices were 2.7% higher on average in January 2019 than a year earlier. Significant price rises were measured over the past year for alcoholic beverages and tobacco as well as food.

In January 2019 compared to January 2018:

Food prices increased by 4.2%, within which the price of seasonal food items (potatoes, fresh vegetables and fruits) became 20.5%, flour prices 8.7% and the price of bread 5.8% higher, while eggs prices 25.0% and the price of sugar 10.3% lower. The price of alcoholic beverages and tobacco rose by 6.9% on average, within which tobacco prices by 9.6%. Consumers paid 2.8% more for services. Electricity, gas and other fuels turned 1.2%, within which butane and propane gas 12.3% and firewood 7.8% more expensive. Consumers paid 3.0% less for motor fuels.

In January 2019 compared to December 2018:

Consumer prices increased by 0.3% on average. Food prices rose by 1.0%, within which both seasonal food items and sugar became 5.5%, chocolate and cocoa 4.2%, flour 3.7% and eggs 1.7% more expensive. The price of milk was cut by 6.7%, the reason for which was the reduction of the VAT rate of ESL and UHT milk to 5%. Consumers paid 2.2% more for alcoholic beverages and tobacco, within which spirits – due to the increase and extension of the public health tax on products – became 4.2% and tobacco – owing to the increase of its excise duty in January – 2.1% more expensive. The price of electricity, gas and other fuels was up by 0.1%, within which butane and propane gas prices by 0.9% and the price of firewood by 0.5%. Clothing and footwear cost 2.1% less for consumers as a result of the end-of-season sale. The price of motor fuels was reduced by 2.5%.

Consumer price indices, January 2019


Denomination Previous month = 100.0 Corresponding month of previous year = 100.0
Consumer price index100.3102.7
Harmonised consumer price index100.3102.8
Core inflation (seasonally adjusted)100.4103.2
Consumer price index for pensioners100.4102.7