Published on: 7 June 2019

Prices increased by 3.9% in May

Consumer prices were 3.9% higher on average in May 2019 than a year earlier. Significant price rises were measured over the past year for alcoholic beverages and tobacco as well as food.

In May 2019 compared to May 2018:

Food prices were up by 5.6%, within which the price of seasonal food items (potatoes, fresh vegetables and fruits) became 15.2%, flour prices 9.8%, the price of rolls 9.2%, pork prices 8.8% and the price of bread 7.1% higher, while eggs and milk prices 6.0% lower each and the price of coffee 3.0% lower. The price of alcoholic beverages and tobacco rose by 8.6% on average, within which tobacco prices by 12.6%. Consumers paid 3.0% more for services, within which 6.9% more for recreational services. Motor fuels became 5.8% more expensive.

In May 2019 compared to April 2019:

Consumer prices increased by 0.7% on average. Food prices were up by 0.9%, within which pork cost 6.5%, edible oil 2.6%, seasonal food items 1.5% and cheese 1.3% more, while eggs 0.8% less for consumers. Clothing and footwear became 1.0%, alcoholic beverages and tobacco 0.4% and, within this latter, spirits 1.4% more expensive. Services prices increased by 0.4%, within which 5.2% more was paid for recreational services. The price of motor fuels became 3.1% higher.

In January–May 2019 compared to the same period of the previous year:

Consumer prices went up by 3.5% on average.

Consumer price indices, May 2019


Denomination Previous month = 100.0 Corresponding month of previous year = 100.0
Consumer price index100.7103.9
Harmonised consumer price index100.7104.0
Core inflation (seasonally adjusted)100.4104.0
Consumer price index for pensioners100.6103.8