Presidency programme

In accordance with the programme of the Spanish-Belgian-Hungarian trio Presidency the Hungarian Presidency will continue to promote the implementation of the European Statistics Code of Practice, the improvement of the quality, reliability and transparency of the statistical production, the decrease of administrative burden.

In line with the general requirement that statistics should satisfy broad users’ needs in the most effective way, the Hungarian Presidency wishes to contribute to the efforts aiming at the more complex measurement of development and sustainability in order to follow the changes taking place in our economies, societies and environment, and to support common policies and strategies.

On the basis of these priorities, the Hungarian Presidency will organize a conference in June 2011 on “Communication – a tool to improve statistical culture”.

In the process of statistical legislation, the Hungarian Presidency puts great emphasis on the strengthening of the consistency between different statistics in terms of the concepts, definitions, data collections, data transmission and publication deadlines and on the application of the new legislative procedures put in place by the Treaty of Lisbon.

The work programme of the Hungarian Presidency will be based on the progress made by the previous Presidencies and will strive to achieve progress on the legislative dossiers in close coordination and cooperation with all partners involved.

Legislative dossiers expected to be discussed during the Hungarian Presidency: