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Dr. Gabriella Vukovich

Place and date of birth

Budapest, 25 November 1954


Qualifications, trainings:

1999 Professional exam of public administration for civil servants
1997 Degree in European affairs
École Nationale d’Administration, Paris, in co-operation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Hungary
1984-1985 Training in demography
HCSO - Demographic Research Institute
1976-1981 doctorate degree
Eötvös Loránd University, Faculty of Law


June 2010 - Hungarian Central Statistical Office President
2004-2010 DEMO-STAT Consultants - Social Studies, Demography, Statistics Manager
1998-2004 Hungarian Central Statistical Office Deputy President
1996-1998 Hungarian Central Statistical Office, Population Census Department Head of Department
1994-1995 UN Secretariat, New York, USA Specialist in Population and Development
1990-1994 Hungarian Central Statistical Office, Population Department,
Vital Statistics Section
Head of Section
1988-1989 Population Activities Unit, UN Economic Commission for Europe, Geneva, Switzerland Demographer
1983-1988 HCSO - Demographic Research Institute Research Fellow

Major professional functions and titles

Vice-President of the International Statistical Institute (ISI; a global professional civil society organisation embracing official statisticians, university teachers of and researchers in statistics, and statisticians in the private sector) 2019–2023
Member of the Council of the International Statistical Institute (ISI) 2017–2019
Member of the working group on quality of the European Commission’s high-level independent scientific advisory board 2016-
Co-chair of the UN High-level Group for Partnership, Coordination and Capacity-Building for monitoring UN Sustainable Development Goals between 2015 and 2030 2015-
Honorary doctorate ’Doctor honoris causa’ (University of Miskolc) title 2015
Member of the UN Secretary General’s Independent Advisory Board on Data Revolution 2014-
Commemorative medal of the University of West Hungary (Pro Universitate Hungariae Occidentalis) 2014
Honorary professor (University of Miskolc) 2013-
Member of the European Statistical Advisory Committee (ESAC) 2012-
Member of the Advisory Board of the Budapest Business School 2011-
Teacher of social statistics and demography at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics 2004-2009
Standing member of the European Statistical System Committee 2010-
Member of the International Association of Official Statistics (IAOS) 2010-
Permanent Representative of Hungary to the UN Statistical Commission 2010-
Vice-Chair of the UN Statistical Commission 2014-2015
Chair and Acting Chair of the UN Statistical Commission 2012-2014
Member of the editorial board of "Statistical Journal" (UN Economic Commission for Europe) 1994-2000
Member of the editorial board of the periodical "Hungarian Statistical Review" 1998-2004
Member of the Advisory Board of the European Population Forum 2004
Member of the governing board of the Siena Group on Social Statistics (a professional group established under the aegis of the UN for developing social statistics) 2003-2004
Member of the "Future of European social statistics" Task Force of Eurostat 2002-2003
Member of joint UN/EU working groups elaborating international recommendations for the 2000 round of population censuses 1996-1998
Member of the Population Committee of the Council of Europe, and of its sub-committees for ethnic minorities, demographic ageing and old-aged people 1996-2002
Vice Chair of the UN Commission on Population and Development, New York 1999
Vice Chair and rapporteur of the 21st special session of the UN General Assembly, New York 1999
Chair of the UN European Population Conference 1998


Hungarian, English, French, German