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Eurostat makes a rich selection of statistical data available on its website. The information is searchable bythemes, oralphabetically. In each case we find links to the respective section of the database, predefined tables, methodological background and publications related to our search. The database allows a search by words and expressions as well. If you do not find the requested information, do not hesitate to contact us. Eurostat’s website is available in English, German and French. Our predefined tables in the stADAT-sytem allow a browse among annual and infra-annual data of a wider selection of countries.

In order to download data from Eurostat’s databases we suggest a look at our users’ guides. Methodological explanations facilitate understanding of the correct interpretation of data.

Major short-term business indicators of the EU


Indicator Value Period
GDP 1.6% Q1 2019
Unemployment rate


Jun 2019
Inflation 1.6% Jun 2019
Industrial production -1.9% Jun 2019
Retail trade 2.8% Jun 2019

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Dissemination database of Eurostat
External trade database of Eurostat
UN database
ILO database

Predefined tables

Predefined tables of Eurostat on EU-countries
International tables of annual stADAT-system
International tables of infra-annual stADAT-system

Page of other national statistical office

Federal Statistical Office of Germany
National Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies of France
Statistics Austria
National Statistical Institute of Italy
Further national statistical offices

Technical aid

Technical aid

Methodological support

Eurostat’s metadata site

Classifications in the EU

Eurostat’s Statistics Explained site

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