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Indicator1 January 19801 January 19901 February 20011 October 2011
thousand persons
Resident population, census10,70910,37510,1989,938
change compared to the previous census, %
thousand dwellings
Dwelling stock, census3,5423,8534,0654,390
change compared to the previous census, %

Indicator2017Q1 2018Q2 2018Q3 2018
volume change, compared to the corresponding period of the previous year, %
Gross Domestic Product (GDP)
Actual final consumption of households4.
Net lending/borrowing of general government (as % of GDP)–2.2–0.40.2..
Dwelling constructions14.

Indicator2017Jun 2018–Aug 2018Jul 2018–Sept 2018Aug 2018–Oct 2018
in the population aged 15–64, %
Unemployment rate4.
Employment rate68.269.469.569.8

Indicator2017Aug 2018Sept 2018Oct 2018
Live births91,5777,9787,922..
Natural increase/decrease–40,097–2,280–1,896..
billion forint (HUF)
External merchandise trade
   Import value28,6332,5652,7282,968+
   Export value31,1342,5752,8093,063+
change compared to the corresponding period of the previous year, %
Industrial producer price3.
Volume of industrial production4.61.6–0.65.9+
Volume of domestic sales of industrial production3.37.54.5..
Export sales of industrial production5.1–1.3–6.4..
Volume of total new orders of manufacturing–1.3–6.3..
Volume of construction29.725.725.8..
Agricultural producer prices5.66.06.2..
Volume of sales in retail shops5.
In all accommodation establishments
   total tourist arrivals6.94.24.1..
   total tourism nights7.72.93.1..
Number of employees1.60.80.7..
Gross average monthly earnings, nominal12.910.110.4..
Volume of import8.33.94.3..
Volume of export5.90.5–2.2..
Consumer prices2.