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Forms of publicationsRegionsInternal tradeJusticeLabour marketNational accounts, GDPPopulation and vital eventsPopulation Census, microcensus
Tables (STADAT)
Long time seriesRegion, county, Budapest X
Time series of annual dataRegion, county, Budapest X X X X X X
Infra-annual dataRegion, county, Budapest X X X X
Population census
Detailed tables X
Dissemination databaseRegion, county, Budapest, districts of Budapest, subregion, settlement group, settlement X X X X
Metainformation X X X X X X
Publication RepertoryArea, total X X X X X X
Central Hungary
Central Transdanubia
Western Transdanubia
Southern Transdanubia
Northern Hungary
Northern Great Plain
Southern Great Plain
Interactive charts and maps
Maps of HungaryRegion, county, subregion, settlement X X X X X X X X X
Maps of Europe X X X X
Interactive population pyramids X
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