In June 2020, 50 thousand more people were in the potential labor reserve than in the previous month due to the increase in the number of unemployed and underemployed people

A potenciális munkaerő-tartalék havi alakulása

In June 2020, the share of potential labour reserves increased the most in Central Transdanubia (by 3.6 percentage points) compared to the same period of the previous year, and in Northern Great Plain (by 2.8 percentage points) compared to the previous month

Potential labour reserve by regions

The share of part-time workers is still low within employed persons, although the share for the April-June period was much higher than a year earlier

Részmunkaidőben foglalkoztatottak arányának alakulása

The share of part-time employment was highest in Southern Transdanubia in April – June 2020 (8.8%), and compared to January – March 2020, this region saw the largest increase (2.7 percentage points)

Part-time employment by regions