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Energy sources: materials, which have considerable energy content and according to their use they serve mainly energetic purposes, irrespective of what kind of energy is generated (steam and hot water, electricity, mechanical energy, etc.).

Energy consumption: the sum of final energy consumption and energy transformation losses, reduced with the quantity of utilised waste energy. Fuels are accounted in calorific value, the heat and electricity by caloric value of fuels necessary for their generation.

Self-consumption of power stations: the self-generated electricity of the power station used for heat and electricity generation. It equals to the difference between the generated and released electricity from the power station.

Network and transformer losses: the difference between the input into the energy transmission system and the amount supplied to the consumers.

In case of certain indicators the sum of monthly data may differ from annual values, due to methodological reasons and/or data collection particularities. In these cases annual data are to be considered as final release.

The data were composed according to the EU guidelines.

Source of data: Hungarian Energy and Public Utility Regulatory Authority

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