This table is part of our old STADAT system, which will no longer be updated here as of April 6, 2021.
In our renewed STADAT system, you can find up-to-date information.
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=non occurrence
..=not available
=confidential data under disclosure protection
0=less than half of unit
__=break in series (limited comparability)
x=not applicable
blue number=annual preliminary data
green number=revised data


Index numbers have been calculated on basis of preliminary data without roundings.

Due to roundings the sum of detailed data may differ from the total.

Recent monthly and quarterly data are preliminary, they may be corrected in course of the year. They are not indicated by different colour.

Status data refer to the end of the period, if it is not otherwise stated.

During the working-day adjustment, the working-days included in the table titled "Number of working days, 1990–2019" are taken into account.

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