This table is part of our old STADAT system, which will no longer be updated here as of April 6, 2021.
In our renewed STADAT system, you can find up-to-date information.
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Output value of investments: the performance of investment goals according to the contract, regardless whether the countervalue has been settled or not. The output value comprises the amount of the pre-calculated but non-deductible VAT according to the provisions of the Act on Accountancy. Indices have been calculated from data of comparable structure.

Volume indices of investments: an indicator calculated from constant price data of investment output value expressed in terms of price level of the reference period. In order to calculate volume indices the division-level indices of investment prices are applied. The calculation of the quarterly indices of investment prices for divisions is executed by taking into account weights of product groups referring to their observed proportions of investments in the second year before the current year. The annual price indices are obtained as the weighted averages of the indices of the quarterly investment prices, where the weights are the annual output value of the investments. The quarterly calculated volume indices – if using the method of chain indices – may differ from those issued in other publications.

The seasonal adjustment is carried out with TRAMO-SEATS method using DEMETRA software. Owing to the method of the seasonal adjustment, data relating to total time series may vary in each quarter. More»

Data relating to the national economy level comprise the investment activity of all economic units, as a summary of full-scope and representative observations and of the estimated data on corporations with 0–4 number of persons employed, additionally data relating to estimated data on sole entrepreneurs and non-profit organizations and investments of households (included data about housing).

Data suppliers: organizations bound to supply full-scope or representative data.

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