Published on: 11 September 2017

1.5% increase in tourism nights at accommodation establishments

In July 2017, the number of nights spent by international tourists increased by 2.6% and that of nights spent by domestic tourists by 0.7% compared to the level a year earlier. Total gross revenues grew by 18% at current prices in accommodation establishments, within this accommodation fee revenues increased by 20%. The prices of hotel rooms were 19% higher at the national level and 37% higher in Budapest than a year earlier.

In July 2017, compared to the same month of the previous year:

The number of international tourist arrivals grew by 0.8% and that of international tourism nights by 2.6% (to 1.9 million). The turnover measured in tourism nights grew in hotels, boarding houses and camping sites and fell in community accommodation establishments and holiday homes. Of the tourism regions, only the Budapest-Central Danube Region saw a downturn, due to a decline in the guest turnover of hotels in the capital city, which had an impact on national data owing to the over-representation of hotels in Budapest.

The number of domestic tourist arrivals increased by 1.6% and that of domestic tourism nights by 0.7% and exceeded 2.4 million. The number of tourism nights increased or stagnated in most of the tourism regions and slightly decreased along Lake Balaton as well as in Southern Great Plain and Southern Transdanubia. Of domestic tourism nights registered at accommodation establishments Lake Balaton accounted for 37% and Northern Hungary for 12%.

Room occupancy in hotels increased by 1.5 percentage points to 70.1%.

As a result of the significant price increase of room prices and accommodation services, the revenues of accommodation establishments grew more dynamically than tourist arrivals. The total gross revenue of accommodation establishments increased by 18% to HUF 57 billion; within this, accommodation fee revenues increased by 20% (to HUF 37 billion), catering revenues by 16% (to HUF 9 billion) and other revenues by 13% (to HUF 10 billion). The amount of accommodation fee revenues from foreign visitors increased by 30% and those from domestic visitors by 8.1%.

Széchenyi Recreation Card holders spent 7.1% or HUF 3.2 billion less in accommodation establishments. In all types of accommodation other than holiday homes, the amount paid by SZÉP card was lower than a year earlier.

On 31 July 2017, compared to the same date of the previous year:

In Hungary, there were 3,354 accommodation establishments, 0.9% fewer compared to the same date of the previous year. Two-thirds of the rentable nearly 97 thousand rooms were available in hotels.

In January– July 2017, compared to the same period of the previous year:

In the first seven months, accommodation establishments registered 8.1% more, i.e. a total of 16.5 million tourism nights. International guests spent 10% more (8.3 million) and domestic guests 5.9% more (8.2 million) tourism nights in accommodation establishments.

Room occupancy in hotels increased by 4. 2 percentage points to 57.5%.

Accommodation establishments achieved gross revenues of HUF 254 billion, i.e. a total of 17% more at current prices. Within this, accommodation fee revenues grew by 20% and approached HUF 152 billion.

Summary data, July 2017

Indicator Value Change compared to same period of previous year, %
July January–July July January–July
Tourism nights spent by international tourists, thousands 1 8858 2752.610.2
Tourism nights spent by domestic tourists, thousands2 4168 2070.75.9
Tourism nights, total, thousands4 30216 4821.58.1
Revenues, total, billion HUF a)56.6253.617.817.1
In hotels: gross average room rate, HUF a)23 13719 67118.710.6
REVPAR, HUF a) b)16 22711 31621.419.3
TREVPAR, HUF a) c)25 03718 94319.017.1
Room occupancy rate, %

a) At current prices.
b) REVPAR: gross room revenue per available room.
c) TREVPAR: total gross revenue per available room.
d) Change in percentage points.