Published on: 11 February 2021

The number of tourism nights decreased by 93% compared to December 2019

As a result of border crossing restrictions and Covid-19 protection measures1 for commercial accommodation, domestic tourists spent 89% fewer tourism nights in commercial accommodation establishments2 (hotels, boarding houses, camping sites, bungalow complexes and community hostels) compared to the same period of the previous year. International guests spent 96% fewer nights. 70% of all tourism nights were spent by domestic guests. Total gross sales of commercial accommodation establishments, calculated at current prices, were 93% lower than in December of the previous year. The number of domestic tourism nights decreased by 53% compared to the previous month, based on seasonally and calendar-adjusted data. In 2020, the number of tourism nights was 58% less than in 2019.

In December 2020, compared to the same month of the previous year:

33 thousand domestic guests (92% decrease) spent 104 thousand tourism nights (89% decrease). 58% of nights were spent in hotels, a 92% decline. The turnover in boarding houses and community hostels was nearly one third (29% and 32% respectively) of the turnover in December of the previous year. The Balaton tourism region saw the largest decline.

The number of foreign arrivals and tourism nights fell by 97% and 96% respectively, with 14 thousand guests spending 44 thousand tourism nights in accommodation establishments. Most guests stayed in hotels, however, the number of nights spent there decreased to 3.4%. Budapest and the Balaton tourist region recorded the largest declines (99% and 98%, respectively).

Total gross sales revenues were down by 93% (to HUF 2.9 billion) at current prices.

In December 2020:

1,221 commercial accommodation establishments, including 451 hotels and 544 boarding houses were open for part or all of the month.

In January-December 2020, compared to the same period of the previous year:

58% fewer, a total of 13 million tourism nights were registered at commercial accommodation establishments. Domestic guests spent 39% and international guests 77% fewer tourism nights (9.6 million and 3.7 million respectively) in commercial accommodation establishments.

Total gross sales revenues of commercial accommodation establishments decreased by 59% at current prices and amounted to HUF 228 billion.

Summary data, December 2020

Indicator Value Change compared to same period of previous year, %
December January–December December January–December
Tourism nights spent by domestic tourists, thousands1049 639–89.0–38.9
Tourism nights spent by international tourists, thousands443 693–96.0–76.6
Tourism nights, total, thousands14713 332–92.7–57.7
Revenues, total, billion HUF a)3228–93.4–59.4

a) At current prices.