Published on: 15 February 2019

The content of certain first releases published under the theme of agriculture (livestock, ear cereals, agricultural producer prices) will be issued – considering that they contain no leading indicators – in another data disclosure format in the future, among ready-made tables (STADAT) and in the dissemination database, ensuring this way the availability of detailed information for users. Information on the expected updating of the data can be found in the Catalogue.

Price of cereals increases by 14%

Agricultural producer prices increased by 5.8% in December 2018 compared to the corresponding period of 2017, which resulted from a rise of 10.2% in the price of crop products and a decrease of 1.5% in the price of live animals and animal products. In January–December 2018, agricultural producer prices were 2.7% and agricultural input prices 4.8% higher than a year earlier.

In December 2018 compared to December 2017:

Cereals prices were up by 14%, within which the price of wheat by 23% and that of maize by 6.3%.

The price of fruits lessened by 15%, within which apples prices considerably, by 27%.

Potatoes prices rose by 44%, the price of vegetables by 30% and that of tomatoes by 22%, onions prices almost doubled.

The price of live animals was unchanged in total, within which pigs prices became 1.2% lower and the price of poultry 1.3% higher.

Year 2018 compared to year 2017:

Agricultural producer prices increased by 2.7%, within which the price of crop products rose by 5.8%, while that of live animals and animal products lessened by 2.2%.

The price of vegetables became 16% higher and that of fruits 14% lower.

Potatoes prices went up by 17%.

The price of pigs for slaughter fell by 10%.

Milk became 0.7% and eggs 2.4% more expensive.

The input prices of agricultural production were 4.8% higher, which was due to a 4.6% rise in the price level of intermediate consumption and a 5.7% increase in the price level of agricultural investments.

Animal feedingstuffs prices were up by 5.7%, within which the price of straight feedingstuffs by 7.1% and that of compound feedingstuffs by 4.8%.

Fertilisers prices rose by 3.7% annually, which resulted from a 2.9% increase in straight fertilisers prices and a 5.1% rise in compound fertilisers prices. In the 4th quarter, fertilisers prices increased by more than 14% compared to the 3rd quarter but were even so below the 2015 price level.

Plant protection products became 1.3% and veterinary medicinal products 1.4% more expensive.

Energy and lubricants prices became 7.4%, within which the price of motor fuels 10.7% higher.

Within the price of agricultural investments, the price of investments in buildings rose by 9.4% and that of investments in machinery and equipment by 3.7%.

The value of the terms of trade (the agricultural producer price index divided by the agricultural input price index) was 98.0%.