Published on: 7 December 2022

Value of output of agriculture grows by 15%

In 2022 the total value of output of agriculture approached HUF 4 trillion, which is 15% more than a year earlier. The expansion was due to a 42% price rise. The total volume of production lessened by 19%, with a 28% fall of crop production and a 6.1% fall of livestock, while that of services rose by 1.0%. The low precipitation and the severe drought in the summer months hindered the production of all crops. The considerable increase in expenditures was also a setback in livestock production.

In 2022 compared to the previous year:

The volume of output of crop production lessened by 28% according to the first, preliminary data. The quantity of cereals became 37% lower in total, including a 57% fall for maize, 51% for oat, 32% for rye, 18% for wheat and 10% for barley. The production of rape and sunflower became 38% and 35% lower, respectively, and the quantity of protein crops and tobacco also fell; therefore, the quantity of industrial crops shrank by 34% in total. The volume of forage plants decreased by 9.7%, that of horticultural products by 7.8%, and the volume of potatoes by 16%. The quantity of other plant products and fruits remained unchanged. Compared to the low base of the previous year, the production of peach rose by 65%. The quantity of grapes fell by 1.9%.

The total volume of the output of livestock production decreased by 6.1%. The production of live animals became 8.0% smaller, while the production of animal products fell by 2.0%.

The value of the output of the agricultural sector (including services and secondary activities) grew by 15% at current basic prices, and its volume of production – along with a 42% rise in prices – went down by 19%.

The volume of intermediate consumption declined by 5.7% and its prices rose by a total 43%. Based on the first data, apart from service fees, the volume of all expenditures fell, with the largest decrease (15%) in the use of chemical fertilisers and soil improvement substances.

Gross value added narrowed by 15%, and its volume by 38%. Labour input in agriculture was cut by 2.3%. Factor income grew by 1.4%, entrepreneurial income fell by 3.1%.

Real factor income per unit of labour force (indicator “A”) was 4.9% lower than in the previous year.