Published on: 24 March 2020

A moderated natural decrease and twice as many marriages

According to preliminary data, in January 2020 the number of births was significantly, 9.4% higher than in the same month a year earlier. The number of deaths noticeably decreased by 17% compared to January 2019. As a result, in the first month of 2020, the natural decrease of 3,486 people was 47% lower than in January of the previous year.

In January 2020:

A total of 8,067 children were born, which was 9.4% or 694 infants more than in the first month of 2019. The number of children born in January 2020 is the highest value recorded in January since 2009.

The estimated total fertility rate was 1.60 per woman per month, compared with the value of 1.44 calculated for the same month of the previous year.

11,553 people lost their lives, which was significantly, 17% less or 2,356 fewer than a year earlier. The considerable decrease can be explained by the fact that in January 2019 the number of deaths was extremely high due to the peaking flu season.

The number of deaths dropped and that of births rose, as a result of which the natural decrease was 3,486 persons as opposed to 6,536 in January 2019, which meant a decrease of 47%.

The number of marriages went up substantially; 2,863 couples got married, which was nearly twice as much, or 1,412 more than the figure in January 2019. The number of marriages concluded in January 2020 is the highest value measured in January since 1982.

There were 9.7 live births and 14.0 deceases per thousand inhabitants. The former was 0.9 per mille point higher, and the latter 2.8 per mille points lower than the ones in the same month of 2019. As a result, the natural decrease in January this year lessened from 7.9 to 4.2 per mille. The number of infant deaths was 2.9 per thousand live births, which meant an increase of 0.9 per mille points year-on-year. The marriage rate was 3.5 per mille, which was 1.7 per mille points more than the value of January 2019.

Main data on vital events, January 2020

Vital events Number Change compared to same period of previous year, % Per thousand population Change compared to same period of previous year, %
Live births8 0679,49,79,7
Deaths11 553–16,914,0–16,7
Infant deaths23–17,92,9a)–24,9
Natural increase/decrease–3 486–46,7–4,2–46,5
Marriages2 86397,33,597,9

a) Per thousand live births.