Published on: 29 January 2021

7,167 children are born and 16,141 people lose their lives in December

In 2020, 92,233 children were born and 139,549 people died according to preliminary data. The number of births was 3.4% and that of deaths 7.7% higher than in the previous year. The total fertility rate was up from 1.49 in 2019 to 1.55 in 2020. 67,301 couples got married, 3.1% more than in the previous year. In December 2020, the number of live births decreased by 7.9% and that of deaths rose by 44% compared to the same month of 2019.

In December 2020:1

7,167 children were born, 7.9% less or 614 fewer than in December 2019.

16,141 people lost their lives, 44%2 or 4,931 more than one year earlier.

The number of deaths significantly rose and that of births decreased, and because of this the natural decrease over the month was 8,974, which was a growth of 162% on 3,429 in December 2019.

The number of marriages increased by 2.9%; 3,314 couples got married, 94 more than in December 2019.

In January–December 2020:

92,233 children were born, which was 3.4% or 3,040 more than the number of births in 2019. With the exception of the decrease in December, more children were born in all months than a year earlier. The number of births went up relatively substantially in January (9.7%), June (9.1%) and February (7.8%) compared to the same months of the previous year.

The total fertility rate rose, it was estimated at 1.55 per female, compared with 1.49 for 2019.

There were 139,549 deaths, 7.7% or 9,946 more than in 2019. Fewer people died in January and February as well as from May to July, while more people deceased in the rest of the year than in 2019. The largest growths occurred in the last months of the year, in October (18%), November (61%) and December (44%), while the most significant decrease of 15% was recorded for January.

As a result of the significant rise in the number of deaths in October–December, the annual natural decrease was 47,316, which was an increase of 17% compared to 40,410 in 2019.

67,301 couples got married, which was 3.1% or 2,033 more than one year earlier. 101% more marriages were registered in January–March, 8.9% more in April, 8.3% more in September–October and 2.9% more in December, while 15% less in May–August and 14% less in November than in the corresponding periods of 2019.

There were 9.5 live births and 14.3 deaths per thousand population. The rate of live births was 0.3 per mille point and that of deaths 1.0 per mille point higher than in 2019. Because of all this, the 4.9 per mille rate of the natural decrease was 0.7 per mille point higher than a year earlier. The number of infant deaths was 3.4 per thousand live births in 2020, which was 0.3 per mille point less than in the previous year. The marriage rate was 6.9 per mille, 0.2 per mille point higher than in 2019.

The positive balance of international migration lowered the natural decrease of the population, as a result of which the estimated number of the resident population, updated on the basis of the 2011 census, was 9,731 thousand at the end of 2020.

Main data on vital events, January–December 2020

Vital events Number Change compared to same period of previous year, % Per thousand population Change compared to same period of previous year, %
Live births92 2333.49.53.6
Deaths139 5497.714.37.9
Infant deaths317–5.43.4a)–8.5
Natural increase/decrease–47 31617.1–4.917.3
Marriages67 3013.16.93.3

a) Per thousand live births.