Published on: 26 August 2021

8,153 children born and 9,632 people lose their lives in July

In July 2021, 8,153 children were born and 9,632 people died according to preliminary data. Compared to July 2020, the number of live births decreased by 5.9% and that of deaths by 1.7%. 9,605 couples got married, which was 28% more than in the same period of the previous year. In terms of the trends of vital events in the last twelve months, i.e. between August 2020 and July 2021, the number of births was 0.2% lower, while that of deaths 24% and the number of marriages 10% higher than one year earlier.

In July 2021:

A total of 8,153 children were born, 5.9% less or 509 fewer than in July 2020.

9,632 people lost their lives, 1.7% less or 170 fewer than a year earlier.

The number of births decreased to a higher extent than that of deaths, as a result of which the natural decrease went up by 30% and was 1,479 as opposed to 1,140 in July 2020.

The number of marriages grew significantly; 9,605 couples got married, which was 28% or 2,116 more than in July 2020.

In January–July 2021:

52,320 children were born, which was 1.3% less or 691 fewer than in January–July 2020. Within this, there were 9.4% less live births in January and 2.4% less in April–July and 1.4% more in February and 10% more in March compared to the corresponding months of 2020.

The total fertility rate was estimated at 1.54 per female, compared with 1.53 for January–July 2020.

There were 90,201 deaths, 21% or 15,629 more than one year earlier. 17% more people died in January, 6.5% more in February, 51% more in March–April and 9.2% more in May–June and 1.7% less in July than in the same periods of the previous year.

The number of deaths substantially rose, while that of births slightly decreased, as a result of which the natural decrease was 37,881 as opposed to 21,561 in January–July 2020, which was a rise of 76%.

41,367 couples got married, which was 21% or 7,104 more than a year earlier. 7.0% less marriages were registered in January–February, following which 5.2% more in March, 29% more in April, 49% more in May and 30% more in June–July than in the corresponding months of 2020.

There were 9.3 live births and 16.0 deaths per thousand population. The rate of live births was about the same as and that of deaths 2.9 per mille points higher than in January–July 2020, as a result of which the rate of natural decrease was up by 2.9 per mille points to 6.7 per mille. The number of infant deaths was 3.3 per thousand live births in January–July 2021, which was a decline of 0.4 per mille point compared to one year earlier. The marriage rate was 7.3 per mille, which was a 1.3-per-mille-point growth compared to the corresponding period of 2020.

Main data on vital events, January–July 2021

Vital events Number Change compared to same period of previous year, % Per thousand populationa) Change compared to same period of previous year, %
Live births52 320–1.39.3–0.6
Deaths90 20121.016.021.8
Infant deaths171–13.23.3b)–12.1
Natural increase/decrease–37 88175.7–6.776.9
Marriages41 36720.77.321.6

a) The rates refer to the whole of the year in order to ensure comparability.
b) Per thousand live births.