2.1.42. Gross average earnings of full time employees by the length of service at the employer (2019–)*

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Year Length of serivce at the employer Totala
Under 1 year 1–3 years 4–5 years 6–10 years 11–20 years Above 20 years
Gross earnings per person, HUF/person/month
2019 272 448 346 435 369 896 396 747 428 070 447 806 367 926
*Enterprises with at least 5 employees, budgetary institutions on a full scope basis and non-profit organisations significant in respect of employment. Source of data: Structure of Earnings Survey.  aTotal earnings are calculated of the Structure of Earnings Survey (SES) data. SES average earnings are the sum of the October regular earnings and the monthly average of non-regular bonuses in the reference year. The total average is calculated including data of those whose length of service was missing.  Preliminary data 

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