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Interactive charts and maps - Interactive population pyramids

An interactive population pyramid – named for its shape – shows the age structure of population by sex with changes over time. Its shape displays the type of the age structure of the given population:

  • expanding pyramid: a population pyramid showing a broad base of young people – increasing type,
  • contracting pyramid: an aging population – decreasing type,
  • stationary pyramid: a population pyramid showing an unchanging age structure.

The interactive population pyramid of 120 years

This application displays changes in the population age structure of Hungary by sex from 1870 to 2060.

Sources of data:

Interactive population pyramid of Hungarian regions (NUTS2) and counties (NUTS3)

This software displays the age structure by sex between 1980 and 2016, not only for the country, but for the seven regions, Budapest and the 19 counties, making it possible to look at and follow changes in the age structure of different territorial units.

User’s guide

Move the cursor above the picture to learn about each feature.