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Interactive charts and maps - Detailed table of contents of Maps of Census, 2011

R: Regional data, C: County data, D: District data, S: Settlement data

Number and structure of population – Census, 2011
1.Number of children per hundred adults, 2011RC
2.Number of elderly per hundred adults, 2011RC
Commuting – Census, 2011
3.Employed as a percentage of resident population, 2011RCDS
4.Living and working in the locality as a percentage of those employed in the locality, 2011RCDS
5.Commuting daily to the locality as a percentage of those employed in the locality, 2011RCDS
6.Employed in the locality as a percentage of those living in the locality, 2011RCDS
7.Net commuting per thousand inhabitants, 2011RCDS
8.Working in different localities as a percentage of daily commuters, 2011RCDS
9.Commuting daily to abroad as a percentage of commuters, 2011RCDS
10.Staying temporarily abroad per thousand inhabitants, 2011RCDS
Nationality – Census, 2011
11.Proportion of Hungarian nationality, 2011RCDS
12.Proportion of Bulgarian nationality, 2011RCDS
13.Proportion of Gipsy (Romany, Bea) nationality, 2011RCDS
14.Proportion of Greek nationality, 2011RCDS
15.Proportion of Croatian nationality, 2011RCDS
16.Proportion of Polish nationality, 2011RCDS
17.Proportion of German nationality, 2011RCDS
18.Proportion of Armenian nationality, 2011RCDS
19.Proportion of Romanian nationality, 2011RCDS
20.Proportion of Ruthenian nationality, 2011RCDS
21.Proportion of Serbian nationality, 2011RCDS
22.Proportion of Slovakian nationality, 2011RCDS
23.Proportion of Slovenian nationality, 2011RCDS
24.Proportion of Ukrainian nationality, 2011RCDS
25.Proportion of non respondents, 2011RCDS
Religion – Census, 2011
26.Proportion of Catholics (total), 2011RCDS
27.Proportion of Roman Catholics, 2011RCDS
28.Proportion of Greek Catholics, 2011RCDS
29.Proportion of Orthodox Christians, 2011RCDS
30.Proportion of Calvinists, 2011RCDS
31.Proportion of Lutherans, 2011RCDS
32.Proportion of Baptists, 2011RCDS
33.Proportion of Jehovah’s Witnesses, 2011RCDS
34.Proportion of people belonging to the Faith Church, 2011RCDS
35.Proportion of Unitarians, 2011RCDS
36.Proportion of Methodists, 2011RCDS
37.Proportion of Adventists, 2011RCDS
38.Proportion of people belonging to Pentecostalism, 2011RCDS
39.Proportion of people of Jewish religion, 2011RCDS
40.Proportion of Muslims, 2011RCDS
41.Proportion of Buddhists, 2011RCDS
42.Proportion of people not belonging to any religion, denomination, 2011RCDS
43.Proportion of non-respondents, 2011RCDS
Employment – Census, 2011
44.Number of unemployed per hundred persons in employment, 2011RCDS
45.Number of inactive earners per hundred persons in employment, 2011RCDS
46.Number of dependents per hundred persons in employment, 2011RCDS
47.From hundred persons in employment working in agriculture, 2011RCDS
48.From hundred persons in employment working in industry and construction, 2011RCDS
49.From hundred persons in employment working in services, 2011RCDS
50.From hundred persons in employment working as intellectual, higher up employee, 2011RCDS
51.From hundred persons in employment working in other intellectual profession, 2011RCDS
Households – Census, 2011
52.Number of persons in hundred households, 2011RC
Buildings, dwellings – Census, 2011
53.Occupants per one hundred occupied dwellings and holiday houses, 2011RC
54.From hundred dwellings dwellings without comforts or emergency dwellings, 2011RC
55.Total floor space per one dwelling, 2011RC
Educational attainment – Census, 2011
56.Population aged 15–X, at least 8th grade of primary education completed, 2011RC
57.Population aged 18–X, secondary school with final certificate completed, 2011RC

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