GDP radar -

Volume indices of the final use of gross domestic product,
at average prices of 2015, the corresponding period of previous year = 100.0% – ESA2010


The expenditure side of GDP covers the final consumption expenditure of households, government and non-profit institutions serving households, the gross fixed capital formation and changes in inventories (together gross capital formation) and the figures of external trade (exports and imports). The volume indices of these items show the direction and extent of the changes of consumption, capital formation and exports, imports and their impact on gross domestic product at previous year's prices compared to the same period of preceding year.

On the axes of the nine-angle radardiagram the items of the use side of GDP can be found. The quarterly volume indices cover the period between 1995 and present. The volumes grow to the lighter shade of the colour, and drop to darker shade of the colour (to the inner side of the diagram). The dark dotted line is equal the volume of the same period of preceding year (Table).