Expenditure Radar -

The changes in the volume of household consumption expenditure by COICOP classification (year 2003=100%)


Private consumption data are grouped according to the internationally harmonized classification of COICOP (Classification Of Individual Consumption by Purpose). Based on this consumption of households are recorded in 12 main groups.

01 Food and non-alcoholic beverages
02 Alcoholic beverages, tobacco
03 Clothing and footwear (with services), total
04 Housing, maintenance and household energy, total
05 Furnishing, household equipment and routine maintenance
06 Health
07 Transport
08 Communication
09 Culture and recreation
10 Education
11 Catering and accommodation services
12 Miscellaneous goods and services

Volume of household consumption expenditure index shows the degree in the changes of consumption magnitude taking into account the price changes. The index is adjusted for the ratio of two years by consumer price index of the given COICOP main group

Each axis of the radar chart represent a main consumption group. Volume changes of consumption compared the consumption of 2000 can be found on the interactive chart by annual breakdown since 2001.Volume grows toward lighter colours while darker colours show decrease (toward the centre part of the diagram). Dark dotted line (100%) means the consumption of the given year is equal to the consumption in 2000.

The data of the chart is also available in Excel format.