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Macroeconomic trends in agriculture



The horizontal (x) axis of the chart shows the change of indicators compared to the previous year, while the vertical (y) axis the differences from the long-term trend. In the present case the long-term trend was defined as a linear trend.

Accordingly, the values of the indicators can have four possible positions:

above the trend and increasing (green)

above the trend and decreasing (yellow)

below the trend and increasing (orange)

below the trend and decreasing (red)

The annual changes of macroeconomic trends in agriculture are described by the main indicators of economic accounts for agriculture (crop output, animal output, total agricultural output, total intermediate consumption, gross value added at market prices, factor income and entrepreneurial income).

The indicators cover the period between 2000 and 2013. Both cyclical movements and significant fluctuations can be detected in the annual change of the value of macroeconomic indicators of agriculture.