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International Scientific Cooperation

Hungarian Central Statistical Office is taking part in ESTAT-2020-PA8-E-AGRI Modernisation of Agricultural Statistics projects. The aim of HCSO’s project is to measure agricultural policies better by the use of available data via the integration of administrative datasets with statistical data collection and without additional burden to respondents, as there is a need to measure the environmental performance of farms participating in policy programmes compared to non-participants farms.
Within the framework of the project we are planning to organize a two-day workshop in 2023.

The Hungarian Central Statistical Office participates actively in bilateral and multilateral international collaborations and in regional cooperation, promoting exchange of experience, common approaches and last but not least professional knowledge-exchange.

Our role in international support projects goes on usually within the framework of consortiums, we also carry collaborations based on bilateral agreements, furthermore we gladly fulfil one-time expertise requests as well.

The close collaboration with our neighbouring countries is outstanding, within it with the V4 countries –since April 2018 according to a cooperation agreement along common goals – the tangible products of it being the comprehensive publications presenting the four countries.