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HCSO publishes weekly motor fuel price statistics, 10/05/2024

Based on the latest data of the EU’s Weekly Oil Bulletin, the average price of 95-octane petrol was 626 forints in Hungary and 616 forints in countries in the region. The average price in Hungary was 1.6% or 10 forints higher than the average value in the region. In neighbouring countries, the average price was 630 forints, the price in Hungary being 0.6% or 4 forints lower than this. The weekly average price of diesel motor fuel was 614 forints in Hungary, which was 7 forints or 1.2% higher than the regional average price of 607 forints. In neighbouring countries, the average price of diesel was 620 forints, and the figure for Hungary was 1.0% or 6 forints lower than this value.

The publication is available at: www.ksh.hu/s/en/experimental-statistics/publications/motor-fuel-price-statistics-2024-05-10/


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