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HCSO to launch agricultural survey, 15/05/2024

The Hungarian Central Statistical Office (HCSO) will start to make an agricultural survey of over 22 thousand private farms nationwide on 15 May. Farmers can answer the questions on-line until 23 May, and in person or via telephone at the aid of enumerators following that – until 15 June. The aim of the data collection is to provide up-to-date information to decision-makers in Hungary and in the EU as well as to farmers. By means of the data from the survey, Hungary will accomplish its obligation to supply data to the European Union.

The Hungarian Central Statistical Office is going to carry out its current agricultural survey between 15 May and 15 June this year, which will cover over 22 thousand private farms in Hungary. The data supply is required by a government decree, and response is compulsory. Before the survey period, HCSO forwarded all those involved the information needed to fill in the questionnaire and the admission code via e-mail or by post.

“The survey covers issues related to land use and livestock. The results of the survey help establish policy decisions serving the interests of producers and support schemes. An outstanding goal of HCSO is to reduce the burden on respondents, so the data the Office receives from data in the Single application presented to the Hungarian State Treasury are not to be supplied this time either.” – pointed out Péter Tóth, the head of HCSO’s Agriculture Statistics Section.

Non-key private farms can meet their obligation to supply data in two ways. They can fill in the questionnaire on their own on-line, at the maja.ksh.hu page between 15 and 23 May, and the answers can be given in person or via telephone at the aid of enumerators following that, between 24 May and 15 June. Enumerators, having an identity card with a photo, will only visit the farmers that did not take advantage of self-answering. Survey takers record the data electronically. It is important that for all key private farms the survey is conducted in the frame of on-line self-answering.

HCSO will use the information obtained in the survey solely for statistical purposes, will not issue them to other organs or persons and, pursuant to the provisions of the law, will guarantee the security of data management. Following the survey, HCSO will send, by e-mail, the aggregate results of the data collection to those who requested that when filling in the questionnaire.

Those who will submit the completed questionnaire on-line by midnight 23 May at the latest, can take part in a draw, in the frame of which HCSO will draw gift vouchers in a value of 100,000 forints.

Further information on the details of the survey of private farms is available at the https://www.ksh.hu/mezogazdasagi_osszeirasok page (only in Hungarian).


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