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Organisational units under the control of the Deputy President supervising the Architectural Services Directorate

Kornélia Mag


Information Technology Services Department



User Support Services Section
Ádám Pritz Head of Section (+36-1) 345-1145 E-mail
Infrastructure Management Section
Péter Nagy Head of Section (+36-1) 345-6135   E-mail
Application Design and Development Section
Gergely Bakity Head of Section (+36-1) 345-6627   E-mail
Service Management Section
Róbert Berta Head of Section (+36-1) 345-6235   E-mail
Business Support Services Section
József Krisztik Head of Section (+36-1) 345-1262 (+36-1) 345-8613 E-mail

Methodology Department

Zoltán Vereczkei



Survey and Data Preparation Methodology Section
Linda Mohay Head of Section (+36-1) 345-6291   E-mail
Metainformation Section
Csaba Ábry Head of Section (+36-1) 345-6517   E-mail
Sampling and Processing Methodology Section
Erika Groszné Földesi Head of Section (+36-1) 345-6617   E-mail