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Organisational units under the control of the Deputy President supervising the Data Collection Directorate

Eszter Németh
Coordination Section of the Deputy President (Data Collection)
Ádám Baric Head of Section (+36-1) 345-6676   E-mail

Business Statistics Data Collection Department

Adrienn Szép Szöllősiné




Construction and Government Investments Statistics Data Collection Section
Andrea Deli Head of Section (+36-96) 502-440   E-mail
Industry Statistics Data Collection Section
Andrea Kovács Head of Section (+36-52) 529-856   E-mail
Primary Data Providers Data Collection Section
Anita Barakonyi Head of Section (+36-62) 623-884   E-mail
Services Branches Data Collection Section
Csaba Hegyi Head of Section (+36-1) 345-6801   E-mail

Business Services Statistics Data Collection Department

András Borbély



Trade and Public Services Statistics Data Collection Section
Rita Benkei Rikkné Head of Section (+36-1) 487-4482   E-mail
Transport and Tourism Statistics Data Collection Section
Mónika Noll Head of Section (+36-72) 533-378   E-mail
External Trade Statistics Data Collection Section
Marcell Nagy Head of Section (+36-88) 620-248   E-mail

Agriculture Statistics Data Collection Department

Noémi Gagna



Primary Agricultural Data Providers Data Collection Section
Tünde Nagy Horváthné Head of Section (+36-1) 487-4412   E-mail
Environment Statistics Data Collection and Register Section
Anikó Antal Bányayné Head of Section (+36-52) 529-850   E-mail
Agriculture Statistics Data Collection Section
Tamás Gyenes Head of Section (+36-1) 487-4328   E-mail

Population and Social Services Data Collection Department

Balázs Szántó
  • Balázs Szántó
  • Head of Department
  • Telephone: (+36-88) 620-203
  • Fax: (+36-1) 345-8641
  • Postal address: 1525 Budapest, Pf. 51.
  • E-mail: Balazs.Szanto@ksh.hu
  • E-mail: lakszolg@ksh.hu



Health and Housing Statistics Data Collection Section
Mária Bosnyák Kavecsánszkiné Head of Section (+36-46) 468-246   E-mail
Causes of Death Statistics Data Collection Section
Anita Katzer Head of Section (+36-88) 620-252   E-mail
Vital Events Statistics Data Collection Section
Mónika Sóvári Head of Section (+36-88) 620-202   E-mail
Social and Non-profit Statistics Data Collection Section
Endre Kovács Head of Section (+36-62) 623-830   E-mail

Household Surveys Data Collection Department

Head of Department



Price Statistical Data Editing and Coding Section
Household Surveys Data Editing Section
Zsombor Mazán Head of Section (+36-1) 345-1244   E-mail
Professional Training and Checking Section
József Ákos Papdi Head of Section (+36-52) 529-866   E-mail