Plenary session  
Welcome Speech Gabriella Vukovich, Hungary
Opening Address Mihály Varga, Hungary
Keynote Speech: Statistics as a common language Walter Radermacher, Eurostat
Session 1. Statistical literacy and European democracy Chaired by Pieter Everaers, Eurostat
Making data meaningful: Bringing statistics to the people Lidia Bratanova, UNECE
Exploring central banking statistics to enhance statistical and financial literacy in Europe Luis Teles Dias, Banco de Portugal
Per Nymand-Andersen, ECB
How to, in a cost-effective way, enable users to understand and use statistics correctly Gunilla Lundholm, Sweden
Sharing statistical data is not enough – interpretations by statisticians also needed Maija Metsä-Pauri, Finland
Session 2. The responsibility of statisticians and the responsibility of users of statistics Chaired by Jaume Garcia Villar, Spain
Work in the United Kingdom to improve statistical commentary Elspeth Maclean, United Kingdom
Fit-for-Purpose Statistics for Evidence Based Policy Making (responsibilities of producers and users) Marie Bohata, Eurostat
Clarity, interpretation and effect of financial stability information Júlia Király, Central Bank of Hungary
Communicating regional and city statistics for a better understanding Teodora Brandmuller, Eurostat
Census 2011 in Bulgaria – one month only good news or … Mariana Kotzeva, Bulgaria
Session 3. Trio session Chaired by Gabriella Vukovich, Hungary
Communicating European and national statistics to wider audiences Adolfo Galvez, Spain
Communication: tips and tricks Freddy Verkruyssen, Belgium
Stephan Moens, Belgium
Hungarian statistical system: different settings – common goals Éva Laczka, Hungary
Vince Kruchina, Hungary
Session 4. Trust in institutions, trust in statistics, statistical culture Chaired by Freddy Verkruyssen, Belgium
The role of statistics for generating trust within societies – necessary preconditions Aurel Schubert, ECB
OECD tools for making statistics more understandable to wider audience Trevor Fletcher, OECD
Building and maintaining trust in official statistics – our approach at the Statistical Office of the Republic of Slovenia Tomaz Smrekar, Slovenia
Managing and measuring trust in statistics Leon Ostergaard, Denmark
Factors of trust in statistics in France François Brunet, France
Building confidence in official statistics: the role of communication Patrizia Cacioli, Italy
Building a basis for measurement of the value added in official statistics Blagica Novkovska, Macedonia
Trust in the statistical system in Turkey Metin Erol, Turkey
Communicating with the press and credibility of the institution Philippe Bautier, Eurostat

Conference opening is scheduled for 9 June at 10.00, closing for 10 June at 14.00.