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Local courts: the municipal courts and the district courts.

Registered crimes: such crimes in which investigations have been finished in the reviewed period or data were supplied. They comprise cases of ceased investigation, too, where the „perpetrator could not be identified”.

Registered perpetrator: according to the standard interpretation of the police and public prosecutor’s criminal statistics they are indictable suspects, in respect of whom the investigation stated to have committed at least one crime. Statistics takes into account crimes by the place of comittal, while perpetrators by their place of residence.

Persons with definitive sentence: those persons whom the court sentenced with final decision as a punishment to imprisonment, to work for public interest, to fines, to prohibition from profession, to prohibition from driving vehicles, to expulsion (as a military punishment to demotion, to dishonorable discharge from service); against whom it applied a individual secondary punishment (prohibition from profession, prohibition from driving vehicles, banishment, expulsion), or some measures (reprimand, probation, ordering a forced therapy, confiscation, confiscation of property, in case of juveniles education at a reformatory school).

The number of prisoners in law enforcement institutions refer to state, they reflect the number on the last day of the reference year.

The result of relative figures per hundred thousand inhabitants is an indicator based on the midyear population, i.e. its calculation is based on the population of corresponding age or on the population over 14 years of age.

Source of data: the Ministry of Interior; the National Office for the Judiciary; the National Headquarters of Hungarian Prison Service and the Prosecutor General's Office.

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