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Pressroom - Data release for the press

For the press editors, three of the ’First releases’ published by the Hungarian Central Statistical Office (HCSO), ie. those on the Gross domestic product (GDP) (flash estimate), on the Industry (flash estimate) and on the Consumer prices are issued in a public way, through the so-called ’lock-up’ press room. Information about the dates of the public dislosures are to be found on the HCSO’s web-site, under the heading ’Dissemination calendar’. On the given day editors are received at 8.20 A.M. Participants are familiarized with the regulation of the lock-up press room and are asked to acknowledge its acceptance by signing it. Requirements for participation on the events are to be indicated 5 working days beforehand.


Regulation of the HCSO’s data release through so-called lock-up press room


  • The press room is located within the main building of the Hugarian Central Statistical Office (Budapest, II. Keleti Károly u. 5-7.) in the room János Árvay (ground floor No 1.)
  • Entrance for editors into the room is from 8.20 A.M. on the release-day
  • Availability in advance is assured for the following ’First releases’: Gross domestic product (GDP) (flash estimate), Industry (flash estimate), Consumer prices
  • Paper-based copies of the ’First releases’ are handed over in the press room to journalists at 8.30
  • Fellow workers of the subject-matter divisions responsible for the releases at issue are at disposal for editors’ questions from 8.30
  • Editors present on the spot are forbidden either to leave the room or to contact anyone by technical facilities (mobil-phone, lap-top) before 8.55
  • Editors present on the spot may establish contact with their desk via electronic devices at 8.55, but should not transmit data acquired
  • Editors present on the spot may contact their desk via phone in order to make clear: where they are, whether are they ready to convey their wrap-up. Data transmission is forbidden
  • Member of the HCSO’s staff begins counting down from 8.59.55. At his/her pronouncing „NOW”, editors present on the spot may transmit the data at issue
  • Respecting principle of the simultaneous data release is the why editors receive macroeconomic data with a 9.00 A.M. embargo. Before that deadline the data should by no way leak out from the press room
  • For the embargo-breaking all the responsibility are borne by news agencies, irrespectively of the causes of the fault (be they technical, unintentional)