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The phenomenon of agglomeration is well depicted in the settlement structure in Hungary. The present delimitation of urban settlement groups was carried out by the Hungarian Central Statistical Office in August 2003. According to this there are 21 urban settlement groups in the area of the country. The urban settlement groups can be classified into 3 types: agglomerations, agglomerating areas and settlement groups. These denominations refer to the degree of interconnections among the settlements involved. The settlements of the Budapest agglomeration are listed in Act LXIV of 2005.

Settlement groups, agglomerations, agglomerating areas
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Denomination of settlement groupsSettlements therein
numberof which: towns
Győr agglomeration684
Miskolc agglomeration369
Pécs agglomeration412
Balaton agglomerating area5313
Eger agglomerating area171
Szombathely agglomerating area522
Zalaegerszeg agglomerating area511
Békéscsaba settlement group95
Debrecen settlement group135
Dunaújváros settlement group52
Kaposvár settlement group231
Kecskemét settlement group82
Nagykanizsa settlement group241
Nyíregyháza settlement group103
Salgótarján settlement group101
Sopron settlement group121
Szeged settlement group152
Szekszárd settlement group101
Székesfehérvár settlement group353
Szolnok settlement group123
Tatabánya settlement group111
Veszprém settlement group182