In July 2020, the total floor area of permitted buildings was 60% lower than it was a year earlier

Építési engedélyt kapott épületek összes alapterülete az épület típusa szerint

After an increase in the two months following the April low, the number of dwellings to be built in Budapest fell significantly in July 2020

Építési engedélyek, egyszerű és ellenőrzött bejelentések alapján építendő lakások száma, 2020

The increase in the proportion of dwellings for rent was much more modest in the capital in August, following a significant increase at the beginning of the summer

Kiadó lakások aránya Budapesten, 2020

Districts 5 and 6 again had the highest share of dwellings for rent in Budapest in August

Proportion of dwellings for rent by district, August 2020

Nationwide, the level of market rents fell by more than 9% until April, after the peak in January 2020, and then it fluctuated in the next two months lakbérindex a regionális index alapján

In Budapest, a trend similar to the national one prevailed budapesti lakbérindex