Non-specialized in-store retail trade and pharmaceutical retail trade turnover increased by more than 10% in early September

A bolti kiskereskedelem és vendéglátás forgalom értékváltozása, 2020. szeptember 1–11.

The decline in internet retail sales came to a halt in July after the April peak

A csomagküldő és internetes kiskereskedelem forgalma havonta

As in June, retail sales also increased modestly in July

Value index of district-level retail turnover, July 2020
Járási szintű kiskereskedelmi forgalom értékindexe, 2020. július

In July, the value of retail sales in Budapest was lower than a year earlier, but after the April low, peoples' inclination to shop increased month by month

Value index of retail trade in Budapest, July 2020
A kiskereskedelmi forgalom értékindexe Budapesten, 2020. július

In July, the number of tourism nights in commercial accommodation establishments fell by 42% compared to the previous year, but grew significantly compared to the April low

Kereskedelmi szálláshelyeken eltöltött vendégéjszakák számának változása

After restrictions were lifted in May, the number of domestic tourism nights continued to rise in July

Kereskedelmi szálláshelyeken eltöltött vendégéjszakák száma havonta