Published on: 22 February 2019

Number of new dwellings is up by almost a quarter

In 2018, 17,681 new dwellings were built, 23% more than a year earlier. Based on dwelling construction permits and simple declarations, the number of homes to be built fell by 3.4% to 36,719 compared to 2017.

In 2018, 23% more dwellings were built compared to the previous year. Nearly half of new homes were put to use in Budapest and Pest county, where 40% and 39% more homes were built respectively. Housing market in Gyr-Moson-Sopron county is still outstanding accounting for 14% of all new dwellings built. At the same time, several counties in the Great Plain and Northern Hungary saw a significant recovery in home building in 2018.

In new home construction, the share of private individuals fell from 51% to 46% and that of enterprises grew from 49% to 53% compared to 2017.

53% of dwellings built in new residential buildings were put to use in detached houses, 38% in multi-dwelling buildings and 5.0% in residents’ parks.

The average floor-area of homes put to use decreased by 1 sq. m to 99 sq. m.

The total number of dwellings to be built based on issued dwelling construction permits and declarations decreased by 3.4% to 36,719 compared to 2017. 54% of all new homes are planned to be built in the capital and in Pest county. Budapest saw an 18% fall, towns of county rank no change, other towns an 8.0% growth and the villages a 10% rise in the number of dwellings to be built. Builders used simple declarations in 42% of cases. This share was 7.4% in Budapest and grew higher moving towards smaller settlements reaching 80% in villages.

Based on new construction permits (declarations), 4.0% more, i.e. a total of 13,743 residential buildings are planned to be built, while the number of permits issued for non-residential buildings decreased year-on-year by 15% to 4,346 units.

New dwelling construction permits and simple declarations, dwellings put to use and ceased

Territorial unit New dwelling construction permits issued (declarations) Number of dwellings put to use 2018 as a percentage of 2017 Number of dwellings ceased to exist
number 2018 as a percentage of 2017
2017 2018 of which: simple declarations 2017 2018 2017 2018
Budapest14 63211 99589382.02 7613 874140.3464604
Towns of county rank8 1518 1693 490100.24 1624 563109.6627427
Other towns9 72710 5106 128108.04 7615 726120.3717748
Villages 5 4876 0454 820110.22 7053 518130.1427370
Total37 99736 71915 33196.614 38917 681122.92 2352 149

Methodological note: in accordance with Government Decree 456/2015. (XII.29.) statistical data contain construction permits, simple declarations, put to use permits and official certificates concerning the put to use of buildings constructed on the basis of simple declaration.