Published on: 6 January 2021

Industrial producer prices rise by 5.5% compared to same period of previous year and stay unchanged compared to previous month

Industrial producer prices as a whole were 5.5% higher in November 2020 than a year earlier. The rate of increase of prices was influenced primarily by the weakening of the forint against the euro. Domestic output prices were up by 1.3% and non-domestic output prices by 7.7%. Compared to the previous month, domestic output prices increased by 0.5% and non-domestic output prices were lowered by 0.2%, so producer prices as a whole were unchanged.

In November 2020 compared to November 2019:

Domestic output prices were 1.3% higher on average, within which prices rose by 1.2% in manufacturing, representing a weight of 63%, and by 0.7% in energy industry (electricity, gas, steam and air conditioning supply), with a weight of 32%.

Prices in Hungary were cut by 0.3% in energy and intermediate producer branches together and went up by 4.6% in capital goods producer and by 3.2% in consumer goods producer branches out of the end-use groups of the producer branches of industry.

Industrial non-domestic output prices were 7.7% higher, within which the price rise was 7.5% in manufacturing, representing a weight of nearly 95%, and 6.9% in energy industry, with a weight of 4.9%.

In January–November 2020 compared to January–November 2019:

Domestic output prices increased by 0.7% and non-domestic output prices by 5.7%, so industrial producer prices as a whole were 4.0% higher.

Industrial price indices

(same period of previous year=100.0)


Year, month Domestic output Non-domestic output Producer price index, total
2019 November102.5101.9102.1
2020 January103.7103.8103.8