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Hungarians travelling abroad: Hungarian citizens entering the country at the border-crossing station.

International arrivals: foreign citizens, arriving Hungary at the border-crossing stations.

Source of data: Ministry for National Economy.

Tourist accommodation establishment refers to a local kind-of-activity unit, as defined in regulation No. CLXIV. year 2005 signed by Republic of Hungary for trade in paragraph 2 point 22.

Tourist accommodation services: refers to activity as defined in regulation No. CLXIV. year 2005 signed by Republic of Hungary for trade in paragraph 2 point 23.

Accommodation: under Act CLXIV of 2005 on Trade, a building, part of a building functioning as a local kind-of-activity unit or area constructed or used for the purpose of providing accommodation services.

Accommodation services are about providing, usually non-long-term, overnight accommodation and directly related services.

Short-stay accommodation services can be provided in the framework of
1. in PFOFIT-ORIENTED ACCOMMODATION ESTABLISHMENTS business-like, profit-oriented economic activities;
commercial accommodation establishments: hotel, boarding house, campsite, bungalow complex, community accommodation
other profit-oriented accommodation establishments: private accommodation, other accommodation
2. in NON-PROFIT ACCOMMODATION ESTABLISHMENTS: non-business-like (nonprofit) economic activities performed without profit and wealth acquisition goal
non-profit accommodation establishments: holiday resort, children- and youth camp, nomad campsite, mountain shelter, bivouac accommodation, rest house, dormitory, student hostel.

1. PROFIT-ORIENTED ACCOMMODATION ESTABLISHMENTS: include commercial accommodation establishments and other profit-oriented accommodation establishments.

1.1. Commercial accommodation establishment: a building constructed or used for the purpose of providing accommodation services (hotel, boarding house, campsite, bungalow complex, community accommodation), excluding private and other accommodation facilities.

Pursuant to Government Decree 239/2009 (X. 20.) on the detailed conditions for the provision of accommodation services and the procedure for the issuance of accommodation operation licenses:

1.2. Other profit-oriented accommodation establishment: a separate building or a delimited part thereof – excluding hotels and similar establishments, camping sites, bungalow complexes, collective accommodation establishments – established not only for providing accommodation services.


Non-profit accommodation establishment: establishment built or refurbished for holiday and youth tourism purposes and registered as such, furthermore mountain shelter.

Government Decree 173/2003 (X. 28.) on non-profit community, leisure accommodation services covers the following accommodation facilities: holiday resort, children and youth camp, nomad campsite, mountain shelter, bivouac, rest house, student hostel, dormitory.

According to the methods used in this publication international tourism, travellers and visitors are used similarly and cover persons crossing the border in a given period.

Tourism: activity of visitors taking a trip to a main destination outside the usual environment, for less than a year, for any main purpose, including business, leisure or other personal purpose, other than to be employed by a resident entity in the place visited.

Visitor: Any person travelling to a place other than that of his/her usual environment for less than twelve consecutive months and whose main purpose of travel is other than the exercise of an activity remunerated from within the place visited.

Categories of tourism:

Main purpose of the trip

Main purpose of the visit: It is the purpose in the absence of which the trip would not have been made or the given destination would not have been visited.

International travel receipts (export): foreign exchange receipts originating from international visitors (spent by foreigners in Hungary) figuring in the international balance of payments (based on the data of the National Bank of Hungary).

International travel expenditures (import): expenditures spent by Hungarians travelling abroad figuring in the international balance of payments (based on the data of the National Bank of Hungary).

Tourism expenditure: expenditures connecting directly to the trip. In case of domestic trips it contains expenditures before, during and after the trip that are connecting directly to the trip. Goods for resale and durable goods used for several trips (tent, video recorder, caravan etc.) are not involved.

The expenditure of international visitors contains expenditures in Hungary and amount remaining in Hungary as commission or other title.

Tour operator activities: includes arranging and assembling tours that are sold through travel agencies or directly by tour operators. The tours may include any or all of the following: transportation, accommodation, food, tourist guiding, visits to museums, historical or cultural sites, theatrical, musical or sporting events.

Other reservation service and related activities:
Booking of railway tickets, reservations for accommodatiopn, hotels, transportation, restaurants, curative sservices, car rentals, entertainment and sport etc., activities of tourist guides, tourism promotion activities, provision of travel information to visitors, ticket sales activities for cultural programme and other amusement and entertainment events.

Travel agency activities Includes the activities of agencies, primarily engaged in selling travel, tour, transportation and accommodation services on a wholesale or retail basis to the general public and commercial clients.

Travel agency
Those travel agencies or tour operators which are registered in Hugarian Trade Licensing Office travelling entrepreneurs' magisterial register.

Organized tourism: all the individual or conducted tours advertised or organized at request by tour operators, provided that a contract has been signed before the beginning of the tour, and besides the accommodation and/or the meals or the passenger transport in connection with the tour the contract also contains pre-determined complementary services (e.g. guiding, tickets).

Conducted tours: organized tours with groups, where at least 10 participants can use pre-booked services (accommodation, meals, programmes) in groups only and these services are included as a whole in the participation fee.

The statement of the data-suppliers' circle Budapest Capital Government Office (BCGO) travelling entrepreneurs' magisterial register happened on its basis.

Catering unit: regularly open service unit providing commercial hospitality/catering (food and beverage) services. Includes workplace, event and mass catering and public catering as well as food home delivery services.

Public catering units: all catering units with open sales. Include the restaurants, buffets, confectioneries, taverns, music clubs.

Buffet: catering unit providing simple meals (f.e. cold and hot sendwiches) and alkoholic and non-alkoholic beverages.

Confectionery: catering unit where onsite prepared confectionery products fit for immediate consumtion or for taking away furthermore alkoholic and non-alkoholic beverages are offered.

Restaurant: catering unit with a large selection of food and alkoholic and non-alkoholic beverages.

Tavern: catering unit serving alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages by the bottle or by the glass as well as selling food not prepared onsite.

Workplace, event and mass catering units: closed-system catering units, excluding the sales of alcohol. Includes the canteens, the catering units in educational institutions, the communal service catering and the catering based on ad hoc engagement agreement.

Music club: catering unit suitable for carryng out music and dance events where bottled and drought alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages as well as food are served.

Sales turnover in catering units: sales of goods and services in catering network at consumer prices.

Volume index: an indicator which measures the changes of the deflated sales turnover.

The seasonal and calendar effect adjusted volume indices: The Hungarian Central Statistical Office (HCSO) is using JDemetra+ for seasonal adjustments. Along with the incoming time series data, the seasonally adjusted data may be corrected retrospectively.

Data on the number of retail shops include units at the end of the reference period. The frequency of the data collection has been changed from quarterly to half yearly since 2007. As a result of an amendment in 2009, it is not possible to publish data as of 31 December 2009 and 30 June 2010.

Type of unit: main statistical activity of the units according to the Statistical Classification of Economic Activities (TEÁOR'08) published by HCSO in 2008.

Erzsébet voucher: voucher issued by the Hungarian National Holiday Foundation, which is ready to be used for food consumption, hot food catering service eating places, as well as the social purpose for the purchase of products or services specified in the legislation. In addition to tax-free or can be charged to the Erzsébet voucher paying the tax, can be used for buy specified products, use of services.

Public baths: The establishment and operation of public baths are ruled by the legislation of 273/2001. (XII.21.), amended by Decree 121/1996. (VII.24.) Government law.
On the base of this the public bath are the followings:

More information is available from the Meta database:

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