Consumer price index: an indicator measuring the average change in the prices of goods and services purchased by households for their own consumption. The consumer price index indicates the rate of inflation.

Consumer price change: it shows the average rate at which the consumer prices of goods and services changed (rose or decreased) between two examined periods.

Weights: they express the typical percentages the groups of different goods or services represent within the total expenditures of households. Weights are revised annually, based on household consumption in the year two years before the reference year.

The Inflation kaleidoscope is a tree map chart, on which the surface of the different rectangles is directly proportional to the weights of the groups of goods or services depicted by them, and their colour is identical to that of the change category compared to the base period selected by the user.

You can select the base period of the consumer price change out of the list above the chart, while by clicking on the buttons below that you can shift the examined period by month or year back or ahead. By moving the mouse cursor over the rectangles you can see the names and weights of the groups of goods or services indicated by them, as well as the change of their consumer price in the selected month compared to the set base period. By clicking on the coloured rectangles you can see the details of the groups of goods or services in a particular main group, and you can return to main group view when in details view.

Consumer price change: