HCSO–ingatlan.com-rent index, February 2024

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HCSO–ingatlan.com-rent index

In February 2024, rents continued to rise: they were 1.0% higher nationally and 1.1% higher in Budapest.

In nominal terms, February rents were 11.6% higher in Hungary and 11.3% higher in Budapest than in the same period of the previous year, and 100% and 90% higher than in the base period of 2015.

The real rent index exceeded the 2015 base by 23% nationally and by 17% in the capital. Both values were also up on the previous month.

Budapest HCSO–ingatlan.com nominal rent index

In Budapest, the rent of flats increased in all district groups compared to the previous month. Rents rose by 1.7% in the hilly districts of Buda, and by 0.9% in the other districts of Buda. On the Pest side, rents were 0.5% higher in the inner districts, 2.1% in the transitional districts, and 2.0% in the outer districts of Pest. In one year, rent increases ranged from 11% to 14% in the capital's district groups, and the largest price rise (13.7%) characterised the outer districts of Pest.

Changes in the number of ads used in the calculations by type of settlement

In the first two months of 2024, the vast majority (90%) of the advertisements observed were for dwellings in multi-dwelling buildings, with the remaining 10% or so for detached houses. In Budapest, only 4.2% of the dwellings for rent were detached houses. Some 43% of advertisements in the capital and 44% nationally came from individuals in January-February 2024.

Expected next release: 15 April 2024

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