Call for abstracts

Are you a decision-maker in need of timelier statistics? Are you a journalist trying to extract the right information from the wealth of official statistics at hand? Then the 2016 Conference of European Statistics Stakeholders (CESS 2016) is the right forum for you to present the challenges that you face when using statistics, and the ways in which you would like statistics to improve.

Are you involved in the production of statistics at a statistical authority or institute? Are you a researcher studying new statistical methods for data production and analysis at a university, statistical institute or research institution? Are you interested in discussing new methods, tools and applications of dissemination and communication of different statistics in the digital era? Then CESS 2016 will give you an opportunity to present the best practices that you have put in place as well as new developments that you have achieved.

The event

The 2016 Conference of European Statistics Stakeholders aims to foster the dialogue between users, producers and developers of official statistics in Europe. It will take place in Budapest at Hungarian Academy of Sciences from 20–21 October 2016, and is jointly organised by the Federation of European National Statistical Societies, Eurostat, the European Statistical Advisory Committee, the European Central Bank, the Hungarian Central Statistical Office and the Hungarian Statistical Association.

Submission deadline 31 May 2016

All statistics stakeholders (methodologists, producers, users) are warmly invited to contribute to the advances of European Statistics for the years to come by submitting an abstract within one of the following strands:

  1. Bringing in information from where we can get it
    Multi-source data collection: regulatory, methodological and quality issues
  2. Learning more from what we already know
    New methods for data analysis: from design to model-based estimation
  3. More rapid statistics and indicators on new phenomena
    New data sources for statistical production: experimental results
  4. Getting the statistics out
    Innovation in statistical data dissemination: methods, tools, applications
  5. Different users – different needs – variety of approaches
    Communication of statistical data in the digital era; enhance Statistical Culture by better communication towards Statistical Literacy
  6. Small area statistics
    General and methodological issues concerning statistics and indicators of high granularity
  7. Better statistics for a globalised world
    Challenges for making statistics on cross-border phenomena such as migration, tourism, trade and multinational enterprises

The deadline for submitting contributed paper abstracts to CESS 2016 was 31 May 2016. It is no longer possible to submit contributed paper abstracts to CESS 2016.