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Track A:
– Users,
– dissemination,
– promotion, communication & visualisation
…of official statistics
Track B(i):
Statistics on cross-border phenomena and globalisation; comparability of statistics
Track C(i):
Improved timeliness of statistics
Track D(i):
Sharing of statistics and data
Track B(ii):
Statistics on markets
Track C(ii):
Statistical modelling
Track D(ii):
Multisource statistics
20 October
Room1 / Ceremonial hallRoom2 / Reading roomRoom3 / Small lecture hallRoom4 / Large lecture hall
09:00–10:00Plenary sessionSession A1: Opening session
Chair: Gabriella Vukovich (Hungarian Central Statistical Office)
Opening address Gabriella Vukovich (Hungarian Central Statistical Office)
Inauguration of the ESS Quality Declaration Walter Radermacher (Eurostat)
Welcome address Aurel Schubert (European Central Bank)
Keynote message Ágnes Hornung (Minister of State for Financial Policy Affairs, Ministry for National Economy)
Welcome address Ineke Stoop (European Statistical Advisory Committee)
Welcome message (by video) from the European Commissioner for Employment, Social Affairs, Skills and Labour Mobility Marianne Thyssen (European Commission)
Launch of the European Statistics Day Maurizio Vichi (The Sapienza University of Rome, chairman of the Federation of European National Statistical Societies)
10:00–10:30CoffeeAcademy club
10:30–12:00Plenary sessionSession A1: Opening session (cont.)
Keynote address: The importance of data/statistics for European bank resolution
Mauro Grande (Board Member of the Single Resolution Board)
Keynote address: Data – the universal language of all European cities and regions
Sir Albert Bore (Committee of the Regions)
Keynote address: Current challenges for statistical methodology
Tamás Rudas (General-Director, Centre for Social Sciences, Hungarian Academy of Science)
12:00–13:30LunchAcademy club

Session D2: Lunchtime lecture on Linked Open Data; 12:05–12:45


13:30–14:30Parallel sessionsSession A3: Value of official statistics - how to convince our stakeholders?Session B3: Official statistics on cross-border phenomenaSession C3: Timely estimates of economic indicators

(Double session running 13:30–15:30)
Session D3: The partnership between official statistics and scientific research – where will it take us next?
14:45–15:45Parallel sessionsSession A4: Visualisation of official statisticsSession C4: Indirect Questioning for Sensitive IssuesSession D4: Access to statistical data and research
15:45–16:15CoffeeAcademy club
16:15–17:15Parallel sessionsSession A5: Exploring new ways to communicate statisticsSession B5: Globalisation and productivity growthSession C5: Modelling in the context of official statisticsSession D5: Anonymity and re-identification risks
17:30–18:30Parallel sessionsSession A6: Communication of statistics in a digital ageSession B6: Trade and multinational enterprisesSession C6: JDemetra+: An innovative expandable tool for seasonal adjustment, time series analysis and beyond.Session D6: Sharing and disclosure of data and statistics
20:00–Conference dinnerÖbölHáz Rendezvényközpont (BayHouse Event Centre)
21 October
Room1 / Ceremonial hallRoom2 / Reading roomRoom3 / Small lecture hallRoom4 / Large lecture hall
09:00–10:00Parallel sessionsSession A7: Getting to know the users and uses of official statisticsSession B7: Promoting comparability in international statisticsSession C7: Challenges and changes of the European RegionSession D7: Big Data Analysis from Classification to Dimensional reduction
10:00–10:30CoffeeAcademy club
10:30–11:30Parallel sessionsSession A8: Engaging with usersSession B8: MigrationSession C8: Small Area EstimationSession D8: New data and new perspectives in observing the reality in the age of Data Revolution
11:45–12:45Parallel sessionsSession A9: Collaboration and communication with the users of official statisticsSession B9: Comparability in surveys and statisticsSession C9: Small area estimation and weightingSession D9: Use of administrative data sources
12:45–14:15LunchAcademy clubSession C10: Poster session (presenters at posters 12:50–13:30)Academy club
14:15–15:15Parallel sessionsSession A11: Enhancing statistical cultureSession B11: Data needs to monitor the real estate marketsSession C11: New methods for data analysis: from design to model-based estimationSession D11: Integration of data from several sources and use of administrative data
15:30–16:30Parallel sessionsSession A12: Statistical Literacy and Accreditation of Statistical ProfessionalismSession B12: Methodologies and challenges for financial market indicatorsSession C12: Model-based data analysis methods: challenges and issuesSession D12: Multisource statistics
16:30–17:00CoffeeAcademy club
17:00–18:00Plenary sessionSession A13: High level panel discussion
ModeratorIneke Stoop (European Statistical Advisory Committee)
PanelMariana Kotzeva (Eurostat)
Aurel Schubert (European Central Bank)
Tjark Tjin-A-Tsoi (CBS Statistics Netherlands)
Gabriella Vukovich (Hungarian Central Statistical Office)
Lidia Bratanova (UNECE Statistical Division)
Maurizio Vichi (the Federation of European National Statistical Societies)