Track A:
– Users,
– dissemination,
– promotion, communication & visualisation
…of official statistics
Track B(i):
Statistics on cross-border phenomena and globalisation; comparability of statistics
Track C(i):
Improved timeliness of statistics
Track D(i):
Sharing of statistics and data
Track B(ii):
Statistics on markets
Track C(ii):
Statistical modelling
Track D(ii):
Multisource statistics

Session A1: Opening session

Session A3: Value of official statistics – how to convince our stakeholders?

Session A4: Visualisation of official statistics

Session A5: Exploring new ways to communicate statistics

Session A6: Communication of statistics in a digital age

Session A7: Getting to know the users and uses of official statistics

Session A8: Engaging with users

Session A9: Collaboration and communication with the users of official statistics

Session A11: Enhancing statistical culture

Session A12: Statistical Literacy and Accreditation of Statistical Professionalism

Session B3: Official statistics on cross-border phenomena

Session B5: Globalisation and productivity growth

Session B6: Trade and multinational enterprises

Session B7: Promoting comparability in international statistics

Session B8: Migration flows: data and measurement

Session B9: Comparability in surveys and statistics

Session B11: Data needs to monitor the real estate markets

Session B12: Methodologies and challenges for financial market indicators

Session C3: Timely estimates of economic indicators

Session C4: Indirect Questioning for Sensitive Issues

Session C5: Modelling in the context of official statistics

Session C6: JDemetra+: An innovative expandable tool for seasonal adjustment, time series analysis and beyond.

Session C7: Challenges and changes of the European Region

Session C8: Small Area Estimation

Session C9: Small area estimation and weighting

Session C11: New methods for data analysis: from design to model-based estimation

Session C12: Statistical Methods for Health and Medical Research

Session D3: The partnership between official statistics and scientific research – where will it take us next?

Session D4: Access to statistical data and research

Session D5: Anonymity and re-identification risks

Session D6: Sharing and disclosure of data and statistics

Session D7: Big Data Analysis from Classification to Dimensional reduction

Session D8: New data and new perspectives in observing the reality in the age of Data Revolution

Session D9: Use of administrative data / integration of data from several sources

Session D11: Integration of data from several sources and use of administrative data

Session D12: Multisource statistics