In November 2023, full-time employees' average gross earnings were HUF 621,200, while median earnings were 79% of this amount (HUF 489,400)

Average and median gross earnings of full-time employees*
Last update: 01/24/2024

In November 2023, average gross earnings increased by 14.1%, while the real value of net earnings rose by 5.7% compared to November the previous year. Average regular gross earnings were 14.3% higher than a year earlier

Change in total and regular average gross earnings, as well as real earnings*
Last update: 01/24/2024

In November 2023, average earnings were highest among those working in financial services and information and communication, and lowest in accommodation and food services

Average gross earnings by section*
Last update: 01/24/2024

In November 2023, the highest year-on-year increase in average earnings among all sectors was recorded for non-profit organisations (up 16.2%), and the lowest for businesses (up 13.3%)

Full-time employees\' average gross earnings and their changes at certain emphasised groups, November 2023*
Last update: 01/24/2024

In the third quarter of 2023, the average gross earnings of those in the top quintile were nearly five times the average of those in the bottom quintile, despite higher annual growth in lower earnings

Average gross earnings of full-time employees and their change compared to the same period of the previous year by income quintile*
Last update: 11/30/2023

The average gross earnings exceeded the national average in more than a quarter of districts in January-September 2023

Average gross earnings at district level, January-September 2023*
Last update: 12/15/2023