The annual inflation was down to 3.8% in January 2024, mostly as an effect of the high base in the same month last year

Change in consumer prices, and consumer price index for pensioners
Last update: 02/15/2024

Agricultural producer prices were 27.3% lower in December 2023 than the high base a year earlier: crop and horticultural products cost 35.7% and live animals and animal products 11.1% less for consumers

Change in prices
Last update: 02/15/2024

The annual rise in food prices slowed down to 3.6% in January 2024

Change in prices in food product path
Last update: 02/15/2024

The average price of petrol is expected to rise (by 4 forints) to 618 forints and that of diesel oil to remain invariably 661 forints from 21 February 2024

Average market prices and administrative price of motor fuels, in Hungary, from 1 January 2022
Last update: 02/22/2024