The workshop venue will be in the building of the Hungarian Central Statistical Office: 1024 Budapest, Keleti Károly utca 5–7. All sessions will take place at the Keleti Károly Hall on the first floor.

The Hungarian Central Statistical Office is a government office with a long history; it was established in 1867. Upon the invitation of the government, Károly Keleti, one of the most prominent economists of the era, founded the institution. It is responsible for planning, designing and conducting surveys and data collection; processing, storing, analysing, publishing and protecting data. The HCSO provides data for the parliament and public administration, social organizations, local authorities, scientific bodies, economic organizations, the general public and the media, as well as for international organizations and users abroad.

Building of HCSO

Access to the venue

The Hungarian Central Statistical Office is within walking distance (10 mins walk) or 2 tram stops (Tram 4, Tram 6 and Tram 17) from the public transport centre “Széll Kálmán tér” (Metro line 2), and one tram stop from “Margit híd, Budai Hídfő” (Metro line 2, Suburban Railway line H5). When taking the trams, exit at the stop called “Mechwart liget”.

Optional lunch at the venue

The Canteen of the Hungarian Central Statistical Office will prepare a special lunch for the workshop participants for a small fee.

Menu on 16 May

Open sandwich varieties (3pc/person):

  • Mixed salami with Liptauer spicy cheese spread, tomato, cucumber
  • Slice of spare rib and fried egg
  • Slice of roast turkey breast and Waldorf salad

Vegetarian open sandwiches:

  • Spinach & cheese tortilla
  • Mayonnaise egg – French salad
  • Cheese rolls with Liptauer spicy cheese spread, tomato, cucumber

Hungarian dessert:

  • A sponge cake with raisins, walnuts, served with rum, chocolate sauce, and whipped cream

Menu on 17 May

Open sandwich varieties:

  • Slice of roast pullet with pineapple-cabbage salad
  • Mini meatball, cucumber on a baguette
  • Slice of stuffed pork cutlets Csaba style – cheese cream, green paprika, tomato, cucumber

Vegetarian open sandwiches:

  • Camembert cheese, green apple, nuts
  • Fried stuffed mushrooms with sheep cheese and dill served cold
  • Mexican style flatbread (paprika, tomato, corn, potato)

Hungarian dessert:

  • Curd pie Rákóczi style

Daily Greek salad

Drinks (0.5 l/person):

  • Mineral water/Orange juice/Lemonade

We kindly ask that you indicate in your registration if you wish to participate in the lunch so that we can have an estimate for attendance. Payment will be collected in Euros earlier in the day. Menu costs €8/person/day.