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8:30 - 9:30Registration and coffee
9:30 - 10:00Welcome
10:00 - 11:00Session 1A - Questionnaire designChairDeborah Curtes
The Austrian way towards a new LFS questionnaire (paper / presentation)ATJudith Forster, Daniela Gumprecht
Pretest results of the new labour status questions according to the flowcharts (paper / presentation)DEKatharina Marder-Puch
Solving the puzzle - redesign of the Labour Force Survey (paper / presentation)NLMartijn Souren, Hendrika Lautenbach
11:00 - 11:20Break
11:20 - 12:40Session 1B - Questionnaire designChairRita Ranaldi
Omnimode Survey Design (paper / presentation)NLMadelon Cremers
Cognitive Interviewing: Impact on non-formal education variables in the Maltese Labour Force Survey (paper / presentation)MTCharlene Abela, Tania Borg, Joslyn Magro
Cognitive Testing of Model Questionnaire on Working Time (paper / presentation)ATKatrin Baumgartner, Beatrix Wiedenhofer-Galik
Working time, underemployment and overemployment in LFS and another German household survey with contradictory results (paper / presentation)DEDr. Martina Rengers
12:40 - 14:00Lunch
14:00 - 15:10Session 2A - Fieldwork and interviewers’ networkChairHartmut Schrör
Interviewer training in the Swedish LFS (paper / presentation)SELi Stoorhöök
Integrating LFS and HBS from the interviewers’ network (paper / presentation)ITManuela Morricone, Alessandro Ortenzi, Rita Ranaldi, Emanuela Vergura
Utilising Interviewer Observations on Housing Unit Characteristics in the Hungarian LFS Nonresponse Analysis: A Research Plan (paper / presentation)HUFerenc Mújdricza, Linda Mohay
15:10 - 15:30Break
15:30 - 16:50Session 2B - Fieldwork and interviewers’ networkChairKatharina Marder-Puch
GDPR’s impact on data collection of the Slovenian LFS (paper / presentation)SITina Osvald Zaletelj, Katja Rutar, Marko Tomažič
A responsive design to increase telephone calling efficiency on UK LFS (paper / presentation)UKLina Lloyd
Fieldwork, quality checks (paper / presentation)HUÉva Németh-Kovács


9:30 - 10:30Session 3 - Proxy answeringChairFabienne Montaigne
Proxy interviews in the Polish LFS – reasons and determinants, effects, possible solutions to deal with (paper / presentation)PLHanna Strzelecka, Tomasz Piasecki
Are proxy answers different in some situations? (paper / presentation)ITFrancesca della Ratta, Filomena De Filippo, Alessia Sabbatini
Analysis on proxy interviews in the Swedish LFS (paper / presentation)SEFrida Videll
10:30 - 10:50Break
10:50 - 12:30Session 4 - CAWI in multi mode data collectionChairMartijn Souren
CAWI from the Danish experience (presentation)DKKathrine Lindeskov Johansen
The challenges of introducing CAWI in the Portuguese LFS (paper / presentation)PTCélio Oliveira
Swiss LFS Multimode (CAWI / CATI), Results of Pilot 1 (paper / presentation)CHSylvie Regli Greub
CAWI in Latvian LFS (paper / presentation)LVInga Vanaga
Approch of CAWI – ready, steady, … go (paper / presentation)FIPertti Taskinen, Anna Pärnänen
12:30 - 13:30 Lunch
13:30 - 14:40Session 5 - Using administrative data ChairHanna Strzelecka
Subsampling options for structural variables and their representation in the technical variables in the future LFS (paper / presentation)EurostatFabienne Montaigne, Hartmut Schrör
Imputing earnings data into Hungarian LFS from administrative sources – an attempt (paper / presentation)HUJudit Dobszayné Hennel
Expanding the use of register information in the Labour Force Survey (paper / presentation)NOIngvild Johansen
14:40 - 14:50Break
14:50 - 16:00Session 6 - Yearly ad hoc topics; non-responseChairBeatrix Wiedenhofer-Galik
Non-response Analysis in the Labour Force Surveys in Bosnia and Herzegovina (paper / presentation)BAEdin Šabanović
Improvements in CATI algorithm to reduce Non response (paper / presentation)ESVictor Balsa Criado
Incentives strategy at the ONS (paper / presentation)UKLina Lloyd
16:00 - 16:10Thank you and goodbye