The number of business partnerships decreased in a lesser degree in October 2023 than a month earlier

Change in the number of newly registered and ceased enterprises by legal form
Last update: 11/16/2023

The activity of private entrepreneurs grew in the same way in October 2023 than in the previous month

Change in the activity of private entrepreneurs
Last update: 11/16/2023

The number of corporations hardly changed in October 2023 (by -0.1%), while that of private enrepreneurs slightly grew month-on-month

Number of enterprises by business entity form
Last update: 11/16/2023

The proportion of activity-suspending private entrepreneurs increased in 86% of the districts (it was 15% at the national level) compared to a year earlier

Proportion of private entrepreneurs suspending their activities within all registered private entrepreneurships, by district, 24 November 2023
Last update: 11/30/2023