The number of newly registered enterprises increased in December

Number of newly registered companies by business entity form

Compared to the previous year, one-third more enterprises ended their activity in December

Number of defunct enterprises by business entity form

The number of corporations further increased in December; however that of private entrepreneurs decreased compared to the end of November

Number of enterprises by business entity form

The decrease in the number of enterprises in December was caused by the closing of private enterprises on a larger scale than before

Change in the number of enterprises by business entity form

In the first half of February, out of the 459 thousand active private entrepreneurs only 4.3 thousand suspended their activity

Number of activity suspending and restarting private entrepreneurs

Since the beginning of December 2020, the ratio of activity suspending private entrepreneurs has increased in all but thirteen districts

Number of private entrepreneurs suspending their activities per 100 registered private entrepreneurs per districts, 19 February 2021

In mid-February 2021, the number of active private entrepreneurs has increased compared to the previous month

Number of active and activity suspending private entrepreneurs

The number of ceased private entrepreneurships decreased, and that of newly registered ones grew in January 2021

Number of newly registered, and ceased private entrepreneurships